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Katie's Story

"We are all searching to find answers"

Katie was diagnosed with anorexia at age 11 and was hospitalized for almost 4 weeks; it took 3 years for her to be stabilized and returned to full activity. A strong recovery was evident for the next 8 years; she graduated from Livonia HS and attended Syracuse University, graduated with honors and received a full scholarship for Graduate School at SU. In December of 2010, I noticed some old behaviors and weight loss; I was instantly concerned. My worst fears became a reality; ED was back with a vengeance and was not going to back down.


Anorexia is an insidious, brain based disease, with life threatening consequences and a 20% mortality rate, the highest of all mental illnesses. A doctor who consulted on Katie’s case in Denver told me later her brain was “hijacked” by the disease; this term helped me begin to understand why this disease is so devastating. He also used the phase, “it was like dealing with a terrorist, extreme, irrational and so incomprehensible". Eating Disorders are not a choice, they are life threatening diseases.


We are all searching to find answers.


The purpose of this foundation is to expand awareness, knowledge, understanding, support, and options for

individuals who struggle with eating disorders. This is a devastating disorder that shatters the individual’s life. Some will

struggle for years, others will lose their battle; leaving loved ones to wonder “why.”

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